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Felix Jarrar,

"During quarantine when I was using my piano heavily, I needed to get it tuned at a high level. Joanie's tuning created a wonderful evenness in my instrument, and the pitch was always correct. I highly recommend her for fellow professional pianists who frequently work from their home instrument."

Michael thomas,
Music director,
VHRP Live!

Listen here for an example of Joanie's tuning: 

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Kyle Pfortmiller,
opera singer

Joanie is simply the best. I teach and practice at home and am at the piano sometimes for 8 hours a day and need our piano to weather the NY weather. She was able to get our mid-century spinet back in tune after a long move in the summer. And now that we’ve upgraded to a grand piano, she’s keeping in it peak condition. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

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